A visit to Haw Par should always be accompanied by storytelling. That’s what it was built for.

Let local stars Dick Lee. Koh Chieng Mun, Joanna Dong and Yeo Yann Yann be yourstorytellers – see the weird, wondrous world of Haw Par through their eyes! 

Each of them has picked their ten favorite statues that tickle, tease and thrill them. From fairies to demons, mermaids to monkeys, cheeky parables to celestial battles – these statues show why Haw Par has become their kinda place. Let them audio-guide you on an intimate and eye-opening journey through Haw Par Villa! 

Just pick your celeb, head on down to Haw Par Villa, and use the links to access the tours on your own device! 

Ideal for first-time visitors and return visitors alike! The tours are in English and each tour takes approximately 40mins, but feel free to wander off the audio track and explore on your own!

How to enjoy

#1 Each tour will last an average of 45 minutes (at least), so do dress comfortably, wear walking shoes and bring water.

#2 The tours are best enjoyed with headphones or earbuds, for maximum intimacy.
#3 Each tour begins its journey from the gate of Haw Par Villa, so do not play the tour till you are there.

#4 There are 10 stops on each tour, and there’s no need to hurry from stop to stop. Your guide will give directions for getting to the next stop, but feel free to explore on the way! And do please continue exploring after the tour!

#5 If you would like to know more about any statue, tableau or sculpted structure you see, you can use the #hawparviva map and guide.


Previously unimpressed by Haw Par’s messy tackiness, JOANNA DONG now falls in love with the kitsch and the rojak of it all, while puzzling over the multitude of exposed nipples


Renowned for his flamboyant style that celebrates East and West, and always on the lookout for a bit of gory action, DICK LEE explores the bizarro side of Haw Par – seeking out the weird, wacky and wonderful!


Little-known fact: KOH CHIENG MUN began her performing career at Haw Par during the Dragon World days! Returning for the first time in20 years, she revisits old familiar sights and uncovers startling stories she never knew!


As an actor, YEO YANN YANN is a storyteller at heart. Returning to Haw Par, she has unearthed some wondrous stories - epic romances and violent passions, and bizarretales of wit and wisdom. All she needs is someone to tell them to…

MY KINDA PLACE was made possible with support from the National Heritage Board

Curated and crafted by Jonathan Lim

Sound edit and design by Lim Chengyi

Featuring Joanna Dong, Koh Chieng Mun, Dick Lee and Yeo Yann Yann